Educator Hub

The Queer Newark Educator Hub aims to provide educators with resources to incorporate LGBTQ+ topics and QN's work into any classroom, no matter the subject or grade level. Our lesson plans combine QN's oral history interviews and other resources, like podcast episodes and digital exhibits, to teach students about topics from the AIDS crisis to coding, and our other resources can help introduce LGBTQ+ topics to the classroom and ensure that conversations remain respectful. Listed grade levels are a suggestion based on New Jersey's state education standards, but many lesson plans can be adjusted for other age groups.

This hub is a work in progress, and we would love input from educators about what resources and topics would be helpful to add! If you would like to make a suggestion, please email

Lesson Plans

Social Studies

Understanding LGBTQ+ Identity (K-2)

In this lesson, students learn about LGBTQ+ identity using primary sources.

Newark LGBTQ+ Responses to HIV/AIDS (9-12)

In this lesson, students use primary sources to learn about the emergence, crisis years, and response to HIV/AIDS.

Computer Science & Design Thinking

Computer Networks and Queer Newark (K-2)

In this lesson, students learn about the ways that technology can facilitate the organization and access of information.

Understanding Queer Newark Website Design (3-5)

In this lesson, students navigate websites and connect website features to digital humanities projects.

Mapping Queer History (6-8)

In this lesson, students explore digital maps of queer historical sites, then use oral histories as sources to create their own on Google Maps, Clio, or ArcGIS Online.

Creating an Oral History Exploration App (9-12)

In this lesson, students learn how to use App Lab and JavaScript, then create an app to help users locate oral histories. 

Visual & Performing Arts

Symbolism in Visual Art: Kiyan Williams (K-2)

In this lesson, students learn about symbolism in the art of Kiyan Williams and create their own symbolic art.

Analyzing Music Videos: Lovari (3-5)

In this lesson, students analyze a music video by Lovari using quotes from his oral history interview.

Devised Theatre from Oral Histories (9-12)

In this lesson, students create a devised play using primary sources about the New Jersey Four case.

Other Resources

QN Conversation Starters

A list of basic questions about LGBTQ+ topics to gauge students’ existing knowledge and serve as starting points for further lessons using provided resources.

Guidelines for Respectful Conversations

An activity to use before an LGBTQ+ lesson to ensure that all students can safely share and discuss their thoughts and experiences.

Why "Queer" Newark

A resource to help address students' questions or feelings about the use of the term queer.