Making Space: A Timeline of the Newark LGBTQ Center

Making Space: A Timeline of the Newark LGBTQ Center follows the Community Center from its origins as part of the Liberation in Truth Unity Fellowship Church through its official opening in October 2013. The timeline highlights the Center’s commitment to creating a safe space for Newark’s LGBTQ residents and celebrates the ongoing efforts of the Center to foster community. Hear the story of the Community Center’s creation as told by its founders in their oral histories with Queer Newark. This timeline also appears as a series of posts on the Newark LGBTQ Community Center’s Instagram (follow @newarklgbtqcenter). Learn about feminist scholar Zenzele Isoke and the legacy of Black Queer Women’s institution
building in Newark.[1]1 Engage with the histories of violence, homophobia, and racism, but also activism, love, and solidarity that led to the Center’s founding. Through their determination and hard work, Rev. Janyce Jackson Jones, Bishop Jacquelyn Holland, Rev. C. Alicia Heath-Toby
and activists like LaQuetta Nelson, along with the support of the LGBTQ community in Newark, made the Community Center possible.

[1] Zenzele Isoke, “Mobilizing after Murder: Black Women Queering Politics and Black Feminism in
Newark,” in Urban Black Women and the Politics of Resistance, 1st ed. 2013 edition (New York, NY
Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012), 120.