Joseph Canarelli

Joseph Canarelli, a balding man with glasses, wearing a pink shirt, stands in front of a window. There are photos of a dog and a man on the wall next to him.
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Interview Date(s):Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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Joseph Canarelli was born and lived in Newark from 1949 through the mid-70’s. A student at Rutgers Newark in the late 60’s – early 70’s, he feels fortunate to have been on campus—and come out—during a period of much political activism and cultural change. Along with a handful of other lesbians and gay male students, he co-founded RAGE (Rutgers Activists for Gay Education), the first glbtq group at the college. During this time, he also joined the Gay Liberation Front in New York City. He ultimately relocated to the New York where he lived for 30 years or so before moving to Seattle. A psycho-therapist and –analyst for 35 years, the heart of his practice has been—and continues to be—his work with other gay men.