Renata Hill

Renata Hill, a Black woman wearing a blue shirt, black best, and red baseball cap turned backwards, smiles against a blurred outdoor background.
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Interview Date(s):Monday, October 12, 2015
Location:Rutgers University-Newark
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Renata Hill is currently a full-time student on the path to earn an Associates degree in Human Services at the Borough of Manhattan Community College and will then work to get her master’s degree in Social Work. She has toured the country speaking out for this case and also for all women who are incarcerated for defending themselves. She spoke to a room of over 1600 people at the national INCITE! Color Of Violence Conference in Chicago in March 2015.  Renata won the 2015 Beyond Measure Award co-presented with DapperQ and New York Fashion Week for her dedication to activism and social justice. Most recently she was asked to speak at the Sadie Nash Leadership Project as well the National Convening of Black Lives, organized by the Black Lives Matter national movement. She is a sought after by universities and colleges nationwide to continue speaking as an advocate. Renata is ferociously protective of people around her and she has an incredible sense of humor that has probably been her greatest source of strength throughout her life.