Taj Shareef

Taj Shareef in a black shirt and head covering looking seriously at the camera. He has a mustache and goatee.
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Interview Date(s):Saturday, February 22, 2020
Location:Rutgers University-Newark
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Taj Shareef is an LA/NJ based writer/VO artist. I have always loved great stories, as I found myself glued to the TV for countless hours watching everything from All in the Family to X-Men. As I dove further into fiction I found the literary works of Octavia Butler, Ray Bradbury, Toni Morrison, and Stephen King pivotal to my lens. I obtained a B.A. in Communications and Radio Production from Delaware State University.  

His eclectic interests and desire for inclusive storytelling have led to opportunities to co-write for queer Black LGBTQ scripted series Love @ First Night with SLAY TV as well as developing original animated content with Bigfooters LLC. More recently, he has been a Writer/Associate Producer for the AFROPUNK live news and culture show Channel Interference and is currently a Script Writer for fitness tech company TONAL. In between juggling dozens of projects, learning audio engineering, and reading manga/comics/graphic novels, I can be found laughing at terrible old movies and figuring out how to make them better! (Everyone should watch Troll 2 and The Stuff)