LGBTQ+ employment

Dana Davis

Dana Davis is a leadership expert, professional development coach, and multi-award winning speaker, producer, and TV host of The Refresh with Dana Show available on ZondraTV.  Dana’s show brings a “refreshing” approach to the talk show arena that features entrepreneurs and experts whose services or products are impactful and transformational. Dana Davis, affectionately known as “Your girl” Dana Davis, is a ray of sunshine who brings electrifying energy and personality to television. Dana uses her expertise and talent to lead conversations around pop culture, business strategies, contemporary...

Sharon Denise Davis

Sharon D. Davis is butch identified. The middle daughter of 5 girls and 3 boys. Mother Marion was a Homemaker and my Father George was a Machine Operator.

I moved to Newark in around 2007. Prior to this my exposure to Newark had been limited. Most of my life was spent in and around the LGBTQ Community and Club scene in New York. When I was about 15 years old. It was former N.Y.C. gang members, Community Leaders and friends who were very influential in my young LGBTQ life. One of the most meaningful and loving relationships I ever had was with a lesbian Mother of 4 boys. She was...

William Courson

Bill Courson was born and raised at the Jersey shore (his hometown is Avon by the Sea) and relocated to and has lived in Montclair, NJ since from 1978.

A student at Brookdale and Monmouth Colleges in the the early 1970’s, he feels fortunate to have lived through and participated in a period of political activism and social and cultural ferment that witnessed the birth of the contemporary movement for LGBT equality.  Along with a handful of other lesbians and gay male students, he co-founded the Gay Student Union, the first LGBTQ group at both colleges. 

In 1986 he...