Peter Savastano

Peter Savastano, wearing a gray blazer and dark purple button down shirt, smiles at the camera. He is bald and is wearing glasses.
Recorded by:
Timothy Stewart-Winter and Whitney Strub
Interview Date(s):Tuesday, June 23, 2015, Wednesday, July 15, 2015
Location:Newark, NJ
Transcript(s):PDF icon Interview 1, PDF icon Interview 2

Peter Savastano was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey where he lived and worked for most of his adult life. He holds a Ph.D. in Religion and Society from Drew University. An anthropologist of religion, consciousness, sexuality and gender, Dr. Savastano is academically and personally interested in the role that religion and/or spirituality plays both for better and for worse in the formation of queer identity, subjectivity and practice. He is Associate Professor of Anthropology at Seton Hall University.

Both photos taken at Rutgers-Newark, 1971.