Julio Roman

photo of Julio Roman
Recorded by:
Kathielee Cruz and Shantell Rondon
Interview Date(s):Sunday, May 14, 2017
Location:Project WOW
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Julio has committed over 17 years to advancing the health equality and public health initiatives of the African-American/Latino Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender (LGBTQ) communities affected by HIV/AIDS and its related health & social disparities. He works extensively in the areas of non-profit administration & programming, contract management, public health marketing, public health research and organizational development.

Since the beginning of his career, he has been a tireless advocate on the front lines of addressing the impact of the HIV/AIDS and homeless epidemic in the United States.

He has advanced LGBTQ public health goals and initiatives with more than 6 years of senior-level; advocacy and management experience & fifteen years of direct services & grassroots experience. Julio has presented & published his findings and works on local state and national levels.

He currently coordinates and host a number of annual HIV, LGBT events with a solid track record to a proven commitment to the illumination and eradication of HIV/AIDS and other health related disparities via policy, research, education and advocacy.

Julio currently serves as Director of Community & Supportive Services he directs multiple contracts and directs the delivery of LGBTQ, Homeless, Syringe Exchange, PrEP Bio-medical Services and support services. He currently coordinates the NJ Probono LGBT Legal Clinic at The Project WOW LGBTQ Center/ NJCRI in the City of Newark.

Specialties: HIV Prevention, Health Education, LGBTQ Youth, Public Health, Community Mobilization, Social Media, A.A & Latino community, Minority Health Disparities, & LGBT communities of color

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