Project WOW

Julio Roman

Julio has committed over 17 years to advancing the health equality and public health initiatives of the African-American/Latino Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender (LGBTQ) communities affected by HIV/AIDS and its related health & social disparities. He works extensively in the areas of non-profit administration & programming, contract management, public health marketing, public health research and organizational development.

Since the beginning of his career, he has been a tireless advocate on the front lines of addressing the impact of the HIV/AIDS and homeless...

Eyricka Morgan

Eyricka Morgan (1987-2013) was one of the amazing speakers on the "Queer Newarkers: The 21st Century Generation" panel of Queer Newark's first conference, Queer Newark: Our Voices, Our Stories in November of 2011. Tragically, Eyricka was murdered before the QNOHP was able to record her full oral history. Because we want to preserve her voice and story as best we can, we have edited together her comments from the conference as a stand-alone page.


Eyricka Morgan, Transgender Woman, Allegedly Murdered In New Jersey New Jersey Paper Refuses to Correct Coverage of Trans...

Kysheif DeGraffenreid

Kysheif "Scooda" DeGraffenreid