Andrew Moreira

Andrew Santos Moreira is a proud First Generation of Brazilian descent and New Jersey native. As an undergrad at Rutgers-Newark, Andrew served as Co-President to his campus’ only LGBTQIA+ student organization, RU Pride. During his tenure, Andrew and his team spearheaded events and collaborations that fostered meaningful dialogue around diversity, equity and inclusion. These collaborative events included supporting the Muslim Student Organization’s protests against the Trump administration's ban against predominantly Muslim countries, as well as inviting an international speaker and founder of...

Julio Roman

At the age of sixteen, Safe Space Expert and LGBTQIA+ Rights Advocate, Julio C. Roman, accepted his calling in LGBTQIA+ activism and safe space design.

Julio has dedicated over twenty-two years to creating LGBTQIA+ safe spaces and advancing the health equality and social justice initiatives of Black and Brown Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender communities, and other marginalized communities affected by HIV/AIDS and its related health, social, and economic disparities.

His experience lies extensively in Safe Space Design, HIV Prevention and Harm Reduction...

Yvonne Hernandez

Native born. Yvonne Hernandez is an actress, director and writer. Her plays have been produced and performed at The Manhattan Repertory Theatre and The Elektra Theatre in Times Square. She has written a book titled, Queer Monologues & Short Plays. The monologues and plays from her book made its debut at Alchemical Studio in the Upper Village in New York City. She is now working on her first novel. She performs at the annual Shakespeare's Sonnet Slam at The Namburg Bandshell in Central Park and she has a passion for ballroom dancing. Tango anyone?