Beatrice Simpkins

Beatrice Dolores Simpkins is an alum of Rutgers University-Newark. 

In 2016, Ms. Simpkins became a Rutgers University 250 Fellow – receiving a medal at the “A Day of Revolutionary Thinking”, the culminating event of Rutgers’ 250Th birthday celebration.

She serves as the pro-bono Executive Director of the Newark LGBTQ Community Center and is the Chief Program Officer for The Partnership for the Homeless, located in New York City. In 2021, Ms. Simpkins received the Equality Leadership Award from Garden State Equality and the LGBTQ-Police Community Partnership Award...

Lioniemar Reyes

Lioniemar Reyes, Lily,  is a  peace love and positivity, protector of individuality, energetic soul.  She is a 90's baby who grew up in Newark, New Jersey.  She and her brother were raised by two proud and hardworking Puerto Rican parents.  She attended Middle School and High School at North Start Academy Charter School of Newark and went on to study Psychology and Theater at Rutgers University-Newark Campus.  She is constantly learning every day who she wants to be in this world, that of which is constantly changing.  She has been a Library Assistant, Peer Educator, Mentor, Teacher's...

Lynette Lashawn

Inspired by the fashion her Mom and Grandparents wore Lynette’s interest began at a very tender age. The love she developed for fashion served as an outlet and  unquestionable conduit for self-expression. Fueled by her evolving obsession with european fashion, luxury designer pieces and unique furniture, Lynette conceptualized a Fashion & Decor Studio with her partner. Off The Hanger/Anè (created 7.5 years ago online) was designed for women and men to shop for their wardrobes and homes simultaneously. 

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Alicia Heath-Toby

C. Alicia Heath-Toby resides in Newark, NJ with her wife, Saundra ‘Honei’. She is the current board president of the Newark LGBTQ Community Center Board of Directors. In 1984 she received her Bachelor of Arts from the College of the Holy Cross. After leaving college, she was given the opportunity to work with a team of black doctors and community activists on addressing the HIV and AIDS crisis for Black Americans; this organization became known as the Black Leadership Commission on AIDS. In 1997, she joined Liberation In Truth Unity Fellowship Church (LITUFC) in Newark, NJ; a local church of...

Miriam Frank

Miriam Frank grew up in Newark during the 1950s. She retired from fulltime teaching at NYU in 2014 where she is currently Adjunct Professor of Humanities. She has also taught Labor History in union education programs in New York City and in Detroit, where she was a founder of Women’s Studies at Wayne County Community College.   Miriam Frank's July 2015 interview by Steven Dansky is on OUTSPOKEN: Oral History from LGBTQ Pioneers.  

Renata Hill

Renata Hill is currently a full-time student on the path to earn an Associates degree in Human Services at the Borough of Manhattan Community College and will then work to get her master’s degree in Social Work. She has toured the country speaking out for this case and also for all women who are incarcerated for defending themselves. She spoke to a room of over 1600 people at the national INCITE! Color Of Violence Conference in Chicago in March 2015.  Renata won the 2015 Beyond Measure Award co-presented with DapperQ and New York Fashion Week for her dedication to activism and social justice...

Venice Brown

Venice Brown earned her GED from Cape Fear Community College. She received her Cosmetology License from the College of Wilmington, North Carolina where she lives and works part-time at a hair salon and at Cape Fear College. She had a baby boy, Jasiah, who just turned four and co-parents with her girlfriend whom she has known since they were twelve years old. As Venice’s mom says, “Venice would give you the shirt off her back, but do not disrespect her friends.”

Venice has spoken at the University of California – San Diego for The Nicholas Papadopoulos Endowed Lecture in Gay & Lesbian...

Yvonne Hernandez

Native born. Yvonne Hernandez is an actress, director and writer. Her plays have been produced and performed at The Manhattan Repertory Theatre and The Elektra Theatre in Times Square. She has written a book titled, Queer Monologues & Short Plays. The monologues and plays from her book made its debut at Alchemical Studio in the Upper Village in New York City. She is now working on her first novel. She performs at the annual Shakespeare's Sonnet Slam at The Namburg Bandshell in Central Park and she has a passion for ballroom dancing. Tango anyone?