Erica Harrison

Erica Harrison, a Black woman with a shaved head a large Black glasses. She is wearing earrings and a black shirt and is seated in a living room with a couch in the background.
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Interview Date(s):Friday, February 26, 2021
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My name is Erica D.Harrison aka Ricky aka Ms.Erica. I was born and raised in Harlem New York.I will always cherish the sweet memories of going to the famous Apollo Theater as a child. I would see every artist from James Brown to the complete Motown Review...all for $.90! I always had an interest in the arts such as music, painting, dancing, singing, poetry and all things creative. 

My parents were from the South and they divorced when I was a toddler. I was raised by my mother but my father was always in my life. My mom was a Southern Belle with City Swag. She exposed me to the best schools and a cultured life all by cleaning the homes and cooking the meals of doctors, dentists and attorneys. My dear mother was so awesome and left this life too soon, I was only 15 years-old. After she made her transition I was abruptly relocated to Newark New Jersey where I completed high school. My initial reaction was that I hated it! Being bitter and hurt from losing my mom. Now I am living with my father and his wife...she and I were oil and water to put it mildly. I began to miss the culture, the vibe and SOUL of Harlem and quickly returned after high school. The creative part of me needed some attention as well as an outlet. Love was my biggest quest . Feeling love and speaking from a heart of love was my goal.

Little did I know that I would find it in the LGBT community but when I did I soon realized that the free love that I experienced was that missing piece that I needed at that time. I am grateful to feel like I could identify with those areas of creativity and rays of color that I was able to express once I found my village. Total acceptance is what I received and it was also what I so desperately needed. I am strengthened and anchored in love.

Erica Harrison, Graduation Photo, 1972.

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Darryl Rochester's framed thank you card from his funeral along with his watch. It is a Weequahic watch that Darryl received from one of his class reunions.